About Christiana


Christiana Unaeze is a Nigerian born, New York City bred, and comfortable everywhere user experience designer, public speaker, content creator and more.

HelloChristiana UX Designer and Accessibility Consultant, Hello Christiana User Experience Designer in Atlanta, Ga

I help businesses create accessible and usable experiences that solve real user problems. I have over 10 years of experience working in the technology and design arena. I strongly believe in making the world a more accessible place — one that keeps user needs at the forefront. 

My areas of focus include digital accessibility, inclusive design and immersive experiences. I am passionate about inclusive design practices. I believe in sharing information/resources with creators and developers on how to integrate accessibility best practices into their creative and development processes.

I thrive at the intersection of design and technology. I aspire to inspire others by sharing my journey and hopefully providing my tips and resources along the way.

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My love language is Shoes and Art.

P.S. Unaeze is pronounced just like it’s spelled. U-NAE-ZE.

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