The Online Technical Resource and Assistance Center (On-TRAC) was originally created to provide public health professionals with secure access to timely emergency preparedness information and resources. However, users have said the information architecture is confusing, the user interface is not intuitive, and they struggle to find the resources they need. 

The OnTrac redesign will make it easy to access information and request help from CDC subject matter experts (SMEs). The redesigned website will enable public health professionals to quickly and easily access the emergency preparedness resources they need.

CLIENT: Centers for Disease Control (CDC)


  • Redesign and development of the help request taskflow
  • Homepage and landing pages redesign including creation of interactive prototypes
  • The redesign project was placed on hold to focus efforts on the ensuing COVID pandemic

ROLE: User research, wireframes, interactive prototypes, website audit

Google Slides – 5min read

CDC OnTrac – Improving Technical Assistance Delivery in Public Health. Redesign project to streamline assistance request process and provide easy access to emergency preparedness information.