About 35% of the Science center visitors are in their PreK-5 audience. However, there are very limited options for planetarium shows specifically dedicated to this group. So there was a market need for a fulldome show for a PreK-5 audience. After the initial project plans to reformat 2D projector slides for a fulldome theater failed, the project scope shifted to establish a show production pipeline. If successful, a new show can be licensed to other planetariums around the country – thereby generating a new income stream for the science center.

The main challenge is that the Science Center had never created a planetarium show in-house before. There were no established processes or workflows. There were numerous unanswered questions including questions about hardware and software requirements, budgetary concerns and a longer timeline than initially anticipated. The project scope drastically increased from a simple reformatting process to establishing a show production pipeline.


  • Created a new income stream for the center with the creation of a children’s fulldome planetarium show.
  • Generated over $100,000 in ticket sales and licensing.
  • Established a streamline process for the creation of future fulldome planetarium shows and content.

CLIENT: CocaCola Space Science Center @ Columbus State University

ROLE: Creative direction, stakeholder and project management, user research, storyboarding, design sprints, workflow process, visual design and animation

Google Slides – 5min read

Bringing the Universe to Life

A UX Case Study on a planetarium show for PreK-5 audience

Experience the magic of the universe and journey through the cosmos. Find out how a 2D slide projector show was converted into a fulldome 4K planetarium show with over $100k in revenue.