As the nation’s public health protection agency, CDC websites are an essential resource for up-to-date information on public health related topics for healthcare practitioners, health educators, and the general public. It is imperative that users can easily navigate CDC websites to find vital public health information.
CHALLENGE: The team was tasked with redesigning and migrating the entire division website from a legacy platform to a responsive content management system. In addition, an accessible mobile version of the division website had to be created. And all this had to be done within a very tight timeline with no interruption to the users.
CLIENT: Centers for Disease Control (CDC)


  • Complete website redesign with over 90% optimization for mobile divides. 
  • On-target project completion despite timeline constraints with no interruption to users. 
  • Improved information architecture with over 30% reduction in repetitive public health info.

ROLE: User research, wireframing and prototyping, visual design, information architecture, web accessibility, usability testing

Full Case Study

Google Slides – 5min read

UX Case Study

Revamping a CDC Division Website:

A User-Centric Approach to Public Health Information

From legacy to responsive: The CDC division website’s migration tells a story of meeting a tight deadline with no interruption to users. Discover the challenges and solutions.