Design for an interactive language book series that teaches young learners different African languages by utilizing colorful illustrated visuals and audio. The primary goal is to make language learning fun and engaging for kids between the ages of 6-12, and to promote cultural diversity and awareness. The book series provides an exciting opportunity for children to broaden their language skills and cultural horizons. 

ROLE: Creative direction, storyboarding, visual layout and design


  • Creation of 3 interactive children’s language book series currently on sale on Amazon and book retailers worldwide.
  • One of the language books made it to the BestSeller category on Amazon
  • Book sales of over $10,000+ and counting

Product in Use by Target Audience

Key Features

Interactive Design: The book series feature Colorful illustrations and graphics that help young learners visualize and understand new words and concepts.
Multiple Languages: The books will introduce learners to different African languages, like Igbo, Swahili, and Yoruba. The content should be tailored to the specific language being taught.
Cultural Awareness: The books will not only teach the language but also introduce learners to African culture, traditions and cultures through illustrations and stories.
Audio Recordings: Young learners can hear recordings of native speakers pronouncing each word and phrase, to help them develop accurate pronunciation and intonation.

My Talking Igbo Book: Amazon Bestselling interactive language book series for young learners. The Interactive and immersive language book series that brings african languages to life for kids.