Create a memorable experience that captures the audience’s attention and immerses them in the fulldome’s size and impact with breathtaking seasonal imagery. The purpose of this project is to attract and engage the audience by showcasing the full potential of the theater dome. These animated scenes will serve as an awe-inspiring introduction to the planetarium and will be displayed on the theater dome when there is no show running. The seasonal imagery will include various themes and elements, such as snowflakes for winter, leaves for fall, flowers for spring, and fireworks for summer.

CLIENT: CocaCola Space Science Center at Columbus State University

ROLE: Storyboarding, visual design, animation, post-production

OUTCOME: Creation of an evergreen series of seasonal visualizations for the fulldome theater

Step into a world of wonder with our fulldome planetarium’s seasonal visuals. Discover stunning seasonal imagery, from winter’s snowflakes to summer’s fireworks, that will transform your planetarium experience